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What initially started as a casual design session during a free afternoon during the pandemic has developed into a professional endeavor over the course of three years. The concept behind Fold was the creation of timeless interior accessories, where we wanted to expand our range every year with completely self-designed products. Made from honest materials and characterized by timeless design, our products guaranteed sustainable use.

A lot has changed in the world around us last year. Due to other work commitments and family expansion, Fold has not received the attention needed to grow into a full-time business. For these reasons we have decided to stop with Fold.

During these three years we learned valuable lessons ranging from product design and logistics to digital marketing and international business. We have really enjoyed the reactions from customers and the collaborations with various retailers. Although the Fold journey comes to an end, we enjoy the memories and experiences we have made. Thank you for this.

Kind regards,


Koen & Pieter

Stand Collection

Elegant and timeless, our Stands are each unique eye-catching pieces in any luxury interior.

elegant functional exclusive design craftsmanship timeless

Fold strives to enrich your interior
with elegant yet functional products.

Exclusively for people who appreciate the art of design and craftsmanship.

All designs are made from natural,
sustainable and pure materials that radiate beauty
and are timeless.

Made for a longevity and with respect for our environment.

we celebrate the collaboration of NATURE & CRAFTS

Our Fold adventure started 2020. Read our story en find out what drives us.

Mix-and-Match your personal stand. Choose from five different stones and three colors of steel in our configurator.